Hello friends! For those of you who are new here, I’m Megan Virona, a female traveler from Las Vegas, Nevada and I’m currently staying on my first solo trip ever in San Diego.

This morning was the first official full day here in San Diego. I’m not at all a morning person, but I didn’t want to be lazy and lay around! I bounced up out of bed after realizing that I wasn’t in Vegas anymore and headed straight for the shower.

Vegas is known for its incredibly dry weather, so coming from a super dry climate to humidity made me want to shower often. As a matter of fact, I showered right before bed too! I usually take extremely hot showers, but the humidity made a cold shower sound so nice. I could definitely get used to the cold showers with humid weather. They feel so refreshing!

When scouting out the area, I realized that there was a little market / grocery store right across the street from the place I’m staying at. I knew immediately that I was going to visit here in the morning, and that’s exactly what I did after getting dressed! If you watched my IG Stories, you had a chance to watch me search for some groceries. If not, I’ll give you a quick summary of what I bought! I purchased coconut water, fruit and guava juice for the beach, and energy bars.

(Screenshots of my Instagram Story in the morning)

After getting back, I grabbed a quick meal and did my makeup. I already decided that today was going to be a day to explore around the area close by and do some shopping. I started walking and not even five minutes into the walk I found a shop I wanted to go into!

It was a thrift store called Humble Heart. It was a small ordinary thrift store, but the woman who works there is so kind! I ended up purchasing a few articles of clothing as souvenirs.

My next stop was a comic book store called Galactic Comics. I was in awe of how big of a variety there was. There were a bunch classic arcade game machines that you could play. There were also a few cool posters, figurines, and Pop! Figures.

After walking a bit down the road I ran into the beach. I decided that I wanted to stop and admire the location for a while, so I sat down and enjoyed my time there. I was able to take some pretty good photography shots of myself while there too!

After a few hours of being out I was getting hungry for an actual meal. I don’t know if any of you guys feel this way too, but every time I’m near the ocean I crave sushi! I decided that I definitely wanted that as my meal. There were so many sushi places near where I was, so it was a hard decision as to which sushi place to eat at. I decided that OB SushiSushi sounded like the best option! It tasted amazing!

After eating, I remembered that there was something I really wanted to do today. On the drive to my destination from the airport yesterday, I noticed that there was an area that specifically stood out to me on the drive that I didn’t get to fully enjoy due to being in a car. It was a downhill drive, meaning that I had a good overview of a part of the city. Not only was there a beautiful sight of the city, but the ocean as well. It reminded me of San Francisco, only this view was a lot more green and colorful. I knew that I couldn’t settle with seeing it for a split second in a car. I had to experience it on my own terms! I started walking toward that direction only to find more shops ahead.

I stopped in many souvenir shops. There were a lot of seashell shops and beach themed ones. I was crossing the street and my jaw dropped. I saw it! The perfect shop for me. Can any of you guess what kind of shop it was?

Botanica Home and Garden. If you know anything about me, you know how passionate I am about plants. This was an extremely aesthetically pleasing plant shop. The front counter and walls are wooden, there were gemstones and rocks, there were pillows & a couch to give you comfortable vibes. Everything about this shop made me feel so at home. If there were any place that matched my style identically, it would have to be this one.

I thought the store couldn’t get any better and that’s when I saw it. There was a door that read “more plants” with an arrow leading to outdoors..

..More plants?! I didn’t hesitate to follow the sign.

Outside, there were a variety of succulents and assorted tropical plants. I regret not researching on airport rules in regards of taking plants on the plane. Then again, I’m pretty glad I didn’t know the rules. Otherwise I would have been left with no money for the next few days of my trip!

I didn’t buy plants, but I couldn’t resist buying other things from this shop. I purchased two wooden pencils that say “I love plants” and another handcrafted wooden pencil. I got Rodrigo a card that says “I love you more than I love plants” which is totallllly not true. (Lol, Just kidding!) The cashier was very kind and informative about everything.

After visiting a few other shops I headed uphill. It was honestly a hard walk because how out of shape I’m in, but I was too easily distracted by the sights to complain. There were so many beautiful houses. Every single one was designed with a lot of plants and colorful flowers. Since it was so colorful, It attracted butterflies making the walk even more magical. They were flying all down the pathway. I truly envy the people that live here in this area. I would feel like the luckiest girl in the world to live a couple of blocks away from the ocean in such a green area. I already felt like the luckiest girl in the world for experiencing this beautiful walk uphill.

I finally made it to the very peak after about ten to fifteen minutes. This experience was a dream for me! People living in SD see things like this everyday. I probably looked like a FOOL taking so many photos and getting all emotional, but it doesn’t really matter. Anyone who has lived in LV for as long as I have can all agree that this scenery is amazing.

(The pier you see above is the same one that was on my Day 1 in SD post!)

I stopped to take a moment to appreciate the beautiful blue sky and what a great day it was. I saw people on boats sailing around, others walking their dogs and taking their daily jogs. Moments like these make me realize how giant the world really is.

I started heading back down because my phone was running out of battery. I decided to charge my devices and relax a bit at my hotel. After changing my clothes and getting everything ready, I went out to the beach again. I wanted to see the sunset! A stranger was so kind and gave me a compliment saying that my white dress was really pretty, and I noticed that it was a perfect one for some sunset beach photography! These photos below came out so beautifully! This has to be one of my proudest shoots.

I stood in the middle of the sunlight and was swaying my dress back and forth to flow with the wind. I love how the light shining through made my dress almost transparent. You can see every fold and crease and that’s what made this shoot so beautiful to me!

After the sun set, I was tired from walking. I decided to go back to the place I’m staying at to relax and look over some of the pictures I took.

I got a quick meal and told myself I would sleep early because “tomorrow” I will be checking out and going to a new location! ☺️

Tomorrow I will be setting out to Balboa Park for some awesome photography shots!

Thank you for reading my Day 2 in San Diego Adventure! Be sure to follow my social media pages to keep updated with my future adventures!

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