Hey everyone! For those of you who are new to the website.. Welcome! If you’re visiting again, Welcome back! If you didn’t see on my social media, I just got back from a beautiful experience in San Diego. Not just any new experience though, a completely rare and foreign experience. It was my first solo trip ever. It was… incredible!

Today I think I’m going to share a special post dedicated to one of the hostels I very much enjoyed staying at on my San Diego trip.


This hostel is hard to miss. From the giant peace sign on the roof to the rainbow decor and hippie designs, you feel all of the California beach vibes needed for a chill and relaxed vacation.

I would definitely recommend this hostel for young adults who are very sociable. I can’t speak for every guest, but in my personal experience I felt incredibly welcomed and at home by both the staff and other travelers. I was so grateful to be invited to social events like nightly bonfires, cliff jumping, and city tours provided by the staff.

When I wasn’t exploring the city, I would be hanging out and relaxing in their “backyard” area right next to the kitchen where there are many couches, tables, and seats provided. There’s also a hammock.. Awesome!

USA HOSTELS OCEAN BEACH has to be in one of the best locations I’ve stayed at. This hostel is right next to the beach (About 7 minute walk) , so I would find myself relaxed after every day with the beautiful scenery nearby. Across the street, there is a little market with just about everything you’d need. I would wake up in the mornings to grab some coconut water, fruit, and energy bites here to get my day started! Along with the market, there are also numerous souvenir & and plant shops nearby.

It was my first hostel experience so I didn’t know what to expect. The smooth process, welcoming environment, and relaxing area made it such a great first time for me.

For anyone wondering: I used the website/app Hostelworld and the nightly cost was $34. (about $80 for 2 nights with tax included.)

Published by Virona

My name is Megan Virona! I am very inspired by travel and in love with the planet we live on. My dream in life is to always be on the road while making money from it. I hope to inspire others to not only travel the world, but living the lives they've always dreamt. I currently host a podcast show called Self Development With Virona for anyone who is interested in improving their everyday life and start living their dreams! Hopefully my journey can lead to others being inspired to do what they really want in life.

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