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One Of My Favorite Spots To Work

This little desert “hiking” area is about a five minute walk from where I live. It has one of the prettiest views from my city that I’ve seen. I had just discovered today that it was actually a good place to work! I was a bit iffy on taking my equipment here to write for my blog because of how distracted I get around nature, but I took the chance and packed my stuff. I packed my journal, some snacks and drinks *Definitely a hydro flask with water*, a spray bottle, and sunscreen! These items were a must for me because it gets really hot. After packing everything, I headed out.

I also had the intention of tanning while I worked, so I wore a bikini top with an oversized tee. When I got uphill from the mini hike, I found a really pretty view of the city and decided to sit there. I put my oversized tee under me for comfort and pulled out everything I needed to get started. I grabbed my journal and my pencil and started writing.

At first, it was kind of hard for me to focus. I was thinking about other people seeing me and constantly worried about what they might think. Then I realized that I was literally on top of society and on a hill that people weren’t likely going to climb. Finally realizing this made me feel at ease and enabled me to focus on what was really important. I was able to write the rough draft to this post along with about four others- all while getting a tan and enjoying the nature.

I went through all three water bottles that I packed because it was really hot and I was out there for quite a bit working! I also sprayed myself very frequently with my spray bottle. It was incredibly relaxing though each time I would mist myself. I’m not sure what I would have done if I weren’t prepared with that and my sunscreen. ☺️

I want to mention that I made a little friend while I was here… Try to spot him in the first picture.. LOL! I found him on my walk back home. We spent about a half an hour there just tanning together. He was so cute!

I think that directing my focus to what truly mattered and being able to let my guard down in a peaceful environment definitely paid off. I’m gonna be coming here a lot more often to work on my projects. It was such a nice little change! After today, I can confidently say that this is one of my favorite spots to work.


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