52 Day Blog Challenge! | Day 3: Meet My Family

Hi everyone! For those of you who are interested in knowing what the challenge is and why I’m doing it, click here to read about it! Basically, Im doing a challenge for you to get to know me and for me to have some personal topics to talk about.

Day 3: Meet My Family.


My blood brother. The oldest of my siblings. We had many disagreements growing up. We had typical brother and sister fights when we were young, but as we got older, we look back and laugh. We realized the importance of our relationship and now value our bond. I admire his strong emotions and how he was always able to speak his mind. He’s always had my back and never let anyone disrespect me.


My best buddy! Since we were little, we’ve always had a strong and sentimental bond. We have amazing memories and would spend our days with each other. He was my best friend at a young age which I think is rare for siblings. I cherish him so much. He’s the biggest sweetheart, can get along with everyone and anyone, and he’s extremely creative. We’ve always had the same interests and click very well.


She may not be blood, but she’s my official first and only sister. We share the same exact humor, can get crazy around each other (judge free) and we know exactly what we’re thinking just by looking at each other. We have a kind of telepathic kind of energy and a strong emotional connection. I’ll protect her at all costs until the day I die!

I just want to say thank you for taking the time to read this article! If you enjoyed this post and want to get to know me more, definitely be sure to check out my podcast Self Development With Virona where I give advice and try helping you accomplish your goals.

Book I’m reading right now – LITTLE BLACK BOOK



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My name is Megan Virona! I am very inspired by travel and in love with the planet we live on. My dream in life is to always be on the road while making money from it. I hope to inspire others to not only travel the world, but living the lives they've always dreamt. I currently host a podcast show called Self Development With Virona for anyone who is interested in improving their everyday life and start living their dreams! Hopefully my journey can lead to others being inspired to do what they really want in life.

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