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52 Day Blog Challenge! | Day 4: Top Places I’d Like To Visit

Hi everyone! For those of you who are interested in knowing what the challenge is and why I’m doing it, click here to read about it! Basically, Im doing a challenge for you to get to know me and for me to have some personal topics to talk about.

Woo! A post related to travel! I’m always up for that! I was going to make this post anyway, It’s a great addition to the 52 Day Blog Challenge!

DAY 4: Top Places I’d Like To Visit


Asia has always been number one from the beginning of time. (Lol) Not only the tropical, green, rainforest areas such as Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines, but also China and Japan for the culture. I’m extremely inspired and motivated by asian culture. It’s always so fascinating to me. When I was a little girl, Japan was my ultimate dream. My interests have expanded drastically, but it would be amazing to go places that I’ve always wanted. Indonesia is beautiful for the scenery, soul, and spirit. Thailand seems amazing when it comes to the culture, food and community. I really want to take a little boat ride to Phi Phi Islands and also bathe some elephants at the elephant sanctuary. The Philippines looks breathtaking altogether. A MUST! I feel like I would love the architectural visuals as well as the scenic destinations & greenery in China. Japan has so many different places that I’d be super interested in such as Kyoto or Nara Park where there’s a bunch of deer roaming around. Seeing Mount Fuji is high up on my bucket list too.


I tell everyone this. One day I’m going to take a huge trip all around Europe in a train! Some of my top destinations around Europe include Switzerland. Near Lake Zurich is so dreamy looking. It looks like a fairytale! I can’t wait to eat the food in Italy while enjoying the scenery in Positano and Venice. I’m excited to go to France, where there’s amazingly cheap Airbnbs with incredible views and a ton of greenery. There are so many places in Europe that it’s almost overwhelming to talk about. I’ll keep it simple and say those are top on my list for now.


I feel like my heart is connected to Africa in a weird spiritual way. I can’t explain it. Whenever I see photos, videos, hear music or see African art, my soul is completely captivated. I feel like visiting would be so touching and eye opening. I don’t even care where in Africa. Kenya, Seychelles, and Tanzania seem amazing for the beaches, but I also really want to visit for attractions like Mount Kilimanjaro and Egypt for the pyramids. I would be most excited to see wild animals in their natural habitat.


Mexico is so lively with the upbeat atmosphere, creative art, music, and strong culture. Everything seems so vivid and colorful. This is somewhere I really want to go to embrace and celebrate life. There are a few small towns and ranches that I would love to go to visit family, friends, and simple lifestyle, but also very well known destinations like Quintana Roo / Tulum, right next to the ocean and rainforest. There are also a bunch of Mayan ruins here. I think seeing some of those would be incredible! I’d imagine connecting really well with earth in these places.

I should probably mention some places here in the US. I’ve always, always always wanted to go to Oregon & Washington. New Orleans for the soul and food. There are so many places in Hawaii that are still on my bucket list such as the stairway to heaven and the crater in Maui.


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