52 Day Blog Challenge! | Day 7: My Childhood Memories

Hi everyone! For those of you who are interested in knowing what the challenge is and why I’m doing it, click here to read about it! Basically, Im doing a challenge for you to get to know me and for me to have some personal topics to talk about.

Day 7: My Childhood Memories.


I remember when the whole neighborhood would get together and play. We would have a huge group of friends get together and assign who was going to be the “Cop” and who was going to be the “Robber”. We’d have little walkie talkies to communicate and use bikes if we were the cops. We were so active as kids, and that’s one thing I will never forget. I loved going outside and playing with my friends. It’d be a new activity every day. Never a dull moment as a child!


Since we had a very active community of friends, we went all out when it came to water balloon fights. We would have not only water balloons, but water guns, and water slingshots. This is one of my favorite memories as a kid, because I loved the summertime. Summertime with friends made everything so much better. The feeling of cold water splashing everywhere on a hot day is unbeatable, especially with good company.


I loved elementary school. It gave me an opportunity to be creative, learn about my favorite hobbies, and find myself. One of the best parts of elementary and my childhood was the field trips. Getting that piece of paper from your teacher and them telling you to have your parent sign. The excitement you’d get the night before, not being able to sleep. Getting on the bus and arriving to whatever the destination was that day. I loved it so much! One time I went on this field trip- I can’t really remember the actual trip, but I do remember this jungle themed restaurant we all went to after. I think it was the Rainforest Café. Anyways, I think that was my awakening when it came to my love for nature. (LOL) I even remember the meal I got. It was a chicken nugget combo. You can say I really loved that field trip.


Field day was also awesome. I’m not sure if every school had it, but for my elementary school, field day was a day where you were assigned a team for the day, and you had to beat little obstacles outside to represent your team. There were water challenges, face painting, snacks, and your parents there to support you on that day. It was an awesome day! It’d happen once a year towards the end of the school year.


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