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Manifesting Beauty & Confidence

Hi guys! If you didn’t see before, I’m making one to two posts each month that talk about what I want to manifest into my life. I’m doing this because I do believe that if you speak something into existence, it will find it’s way to you. You can read more about why I’m doing this here.

I am manifesting beauty into my life. I am semi confident with my looks right now. There are things that I definitely want to improve in.

I’m going to be inspired to dress well and have a strong scent. People will know me by my signature scent. This will give me confidence in preforming better with everything I’m doing. I’ll occasionally be pampering myself with accessories. This will give me the mentality that I am deserving of everything that I am working for. I am pushing myself harder to grow by knowing that I am rewarded in that way.

I’m manifesting a beautiful smile, straight and white teeth. I will be getting my braces off very soon! I’m manifesting long, healthy hair down to my butt! I will be investing time into frequent hair masks. I am taking vitamins and eating healthy foods every day to grow very long natural nails and hair.

I’m manifesting motivation to do my makeup and hair often. I have the time to put myself together in that way and I’m using it. Doing my hair and makeup on a daily basis will open doors to growth. I will have confidence in myself to communicate better which will give me opportunity to express myself. This will also make me more approachable.

Not only do I want to manifest beauty and confidence into my life for my own benefits, but I plan on giving inspiration to others with how put together I am. I will be so confident in myself, that others feel the motivation to provide that feeling onto themselves as well.

Try manifesting your goals with me! I’ve created a three page packet for you to download and print out.


Mantra Cards – Words Of Affirmation For Financial Freedom

Life Goals Downloadable Printout Packet


Lancôme La Vie Est Belle


Published by Travel With Virona

Hi! I'm Virona. I am very inspired by travel and in love with the planet we live on. My dream in life is to roam around the world. While doing so, I hope to inspire others to not only explore the world, but to live the lives they've always wanted. I just published my first book "Achieve Any Goal That You Desire" as a tool for motivated people who are ready to live the life they want. This book has enabled me to plan my newest adventure to Asia. Stay tuned to see my explorations!

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