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What Do My Work Days Look Like?

A typical workday in the life of Megan Virona

I usually start my mornings around 11:00 AM. Since it’s on my personal schedule, time never really feels forced. I don’t stress myself with an alarm clock or anything like that. Waking up incredibly early has never been a priority to me. I feel like when I force myself to do things, they’re less likely to get done.

Rule number one is that I can’t start working until I have had some time for myself first. The reasoning for this, is because I used to wake up every morning, grab my laptop, and work. This caused me to have regular burnouts and a significant amount of stress. What I do now is wake up, shower, grab an energizing meal and drink such as a smoothie bowl or bagel with avocado with orange juice. Sometimes I go all out on bigger meals and watch tv for about a half an hour. Before working, I always make sure I clean everything. This clears my head along with the space, giving me a brighter outlook on life. I’ve also been trying to start my day by having little gratitude sessions, which is basically me thanking the universe for all it has to offer me. I try to find positivity and appreciation in each morning.

When I’m finished having my “me” time, I’ll usually start working around 12:00. The first thing I do is get in touch with my followers and friends. I’ll try to get in touch with anyone who has messaged me, commented on my posts, liked my pictures, retweeted my podcast advertisements, things like that. I’m trying to build a true engaged relationship with the people who support me. I don’t want anyone to feel like they’re going unnoticed. This is usually super easy and goes by really fast. I’ll take about thirty minutes to an hour doing this. After getting in touch and expressing my appreciation, I’ll move on to the next thing.

So at about 1:00 is when I start to hustle. If you know anything about me, you know that I’m super into journaling. So basically, my Blogging Journal is like the blueprint to my work. Every blog post I’ve thought of and every rough draft is stored in this journal. It’s honestly a really sacred thing. So anyways, I’ll pull out this journal and write four entire blog post rough drafts, every day. I usually settle with four, but when I’m feeling really inspired, I usually do more. It’s honestly like writing four essays a day. It gets mentally draining, but I love it. Writing is a big passion for me. This task will last until about 4:00 PM. I’ll usually do this outside, surrounded with my plants.

BREAK TIME! From 4:00 to 5:00, I’ll usually eat something nice and filling during this time. I’ll listen to music or text friends. Anything except work. This is important for me *again* because I used to overwork myself.

Around 5:00, I’ll open up my laptop and take my work to WordPress. Within this time, I finalize the four rough drafts from previous days. I take little breaks here and there since it’s the most time consuming process. I’ll eat little snacks in between typing making it a fun experience. The finalizing process includes making the rough draft from physical to digital. Once I do this, I usually go over the paper with a big highlighted check mark to keep organized. After typing everything down, I’ll check my punctuation, spelling, and all that kind of stuff. I’ll make sure the post sounds really good. Next, I’ll insert any relevant links to my posts. For example, This post will probably have my podcast show linked along with some Amazon products. I’ll also link other things like my Etsy, videos, pictures, Patreon, and anything else that may need to be included. After the post is completely finished, I’ll schedule the post for a certain date.

By the time I’m finished up with blogging, it will be around 8:00 to 9:00 PM. I’ll ensure that everything is ready for the next day. I’ll make sure my instagram posts and podcast episodes are scheduled correctly. I’ll make sure my ads are up and running. Just pretty much reassurance that everything is all set up for the following day. After that, I make sure I end the day the same way I started. I spend the rest of my time awake relaxing. I’ll make sure I have at least an hour of “me” time before bed.


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