Art Gallery

Inspired by the beauty of nature on earth, here is Virona’s abstract gallery.

Hello! I am Megan Virona and welcome to my art gallery. Here you will find a mix of feelings, experiments, ideas that you would not normally find in my day-to-day life. I let my art speak for me when it comes to my emotions. I don’t always know how to put them into words until visualized. Under each painting I have attached a summary of the feelings and emotions I was going through creating each piece. I would like to note they each piece is a chapter in my life. My art is my journey. With every piece, is a stage being overcome and slowly molded into what I desire most- freedom.

A beautiful new chapter. Taking small steps towards recovery from heartbreak. Finding individuality, true passion and an outlet. A mixture of emotions, for understanding that The future holds greatness. An idea that’s your inner demons are always going to be there, but embracing both negative and positive. Keeping site on the target. Using passions to cope.

Unsteady balance between work, health, relationships, passion. Burnout, frustration in not seeing results, dependence, conflict from the path and destination.

Unsteady relationships, cycle repetition, burnout, uncertainty in the future. work to fruition ratio unbalanced.

February 2021 – Creating the life that you desire. Inspired by a dream to explore the beautiful world that we live in, these pieces were made with satisfaction in knowing that with hard work, dedication and a true idea of what you want from life comes beauty. In a moment where everything feels aligned with the path chosen.

Published by Virona

My name is Megan Virona! I am very inspired by travel and in love with the planet we live on. My dream in life is to always be on the road while making money from it. I hope to inspire others to not only travel the world, but living the lives they've always dreamt. I currently host a podcast show called Self Development With Virona for anyone who is interested in improving their everyday life and start living their dreams! Hopefully my journey can lead to others being inspired to do what they really want in life.

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