Preparing For A Day At An Amusement Park

How can you prepare for a day out at a theme park? Keep reading to find out the best tips and tricks!

Check to See the Park’s Rules for Food and Water 

Some amusement and theme parks understand that they serve expensive food that not every adult or family wants to pay for. That’s why there are parks that allow you to bring in sandwiches, unopened water bottles, even formula is you have a baby with you. And if a park doesn’t let you, most have a rule where you can get a stamp on your hand and eat in your car before returning to the fun. 

Is there a Dress Code? 

This may not be the first thing you’d think of, but many theme parks have dress codes that require women to cover their chest and butt cheeks. It’s even become a TikTok challenge for those going to Disney parks to see if they can in fact get a free shirt. Not every amusement park has the money to give away free clothes, so it may be in your best interest to double check rules before you go. If there is a water park section, can you be in a bikini then? While you will be taking cute pictures, you also don’t want to be sticking to tight clothes when it may already be a hot day outside. 

Can you Get Tickets Ahead of Time? 

Getting tickets before you get to the park have two major benefits. One, you won’t be waiting in the same line. A lot of times when you buy before you get to the park, you can walk right up and show the attendant with your phone or a printout and head in. Second, when you buy online there is usually a discount associated with those tickets. Amusement parks tend to be expensive anyways, so you should try to save some money when you can. 

Do they have an App? 

Most parks these days will have an app that you can download on your phone that will tell you where the rides and attractions are and different food options. The best apps will also tell you the wait times of the rides so you aren’t waiting for an hour on line when you could just head to a 5 minute wait ride instead. While these apps aren’t perfect, having the ability to check wait times and see where restrooms and concessions are right on your phone can make your experience a lot smoother.  

When is the Best Time to Visit? 

A lot of theme parks have adapted and become year round no matter where they are located. What you need to figure out is if you want to be waiting for rides and shows in 100 degree heat plus summer humidity or wait until the fall when it’s cooled down a bit. You also have to decide if you want to contend with summer camps and kids out of schools or wait until an off week so there’s less wait times. There are no wrong answers to this, it just depends on when you and your friends can take off and head out. But, if you or someone in your group gets inpatient or wants to see everything possible, there are ways to avoid crowds. 

What Kind of Rides and Shows do they Have? 

You will notice that some parks cater more to thrill seekers and have countless roller coasters that will make anyone’s stomach flop. Others have a healthy mix of rides and shows that entertain anyone. And then there are some parks that have a lot of musical shows and others with more stunt shows. Tickets these days to amusement parks tend to be a little pricey, so you want to make sure you personally are getting the most bang for your buck while enjoying your friend time. 

What do your Friends Like? 

This brings us to your friends. What are they like? Will you be the only one heading to each roller coaster and pushing for the front of the line while they wait for you? Or will you be the odd man out people watching as they do the loop de loop twenty times? Of course, you can go with people who have different rides and show preferences. But this can be an opportunity to expand your group and bring more people who can do rides and who want to do more shows. Going to theme parks can be weird because most rides have an even number of seats per row and it’s hard to be the one being left out! Thinking about this before you go can help mentally prepare everyone for how the day will go down. 

Packing a Bag 

You’ve done your research and you know you can bring one unopened water bottle and no food in. But what else? No matter the time, bring sunscreen. You will definitely regret it if you don’t. Also band aids, not only for accidental cuts on rides but for blisters on your feet from walking all day. Have extra hair ties in case someone gets blown off on a ride. And definitely pack Tylenol and Tums for when someone starts to feel icky after rides. 

Amusement and theme parks are a great excuse to get your friends together and head outside for a bit. Whether you love going on all the thrill rides or you prefer to sit back and go to the shows, you and your friends are all guaranteed to have a great time on your trip!

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