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Chapter 4: Buy A Journal Update

Hey guys! It’s Megan and as promised, I am updating you guys on my progress of my workbook that i’m working on. For those of you who don’t know i created a book called “Achieve Any Goal That You Desire”. It’s a workbook and it’s just a little tool to kind of help you get aligned with what you want in life.

I made that book, and then I started working on it and doing the activities and using it for my own personal use. I told you guys that I would update the progress with you so here it is! As you can see i haven’t been handling it very well. I kind of bring it everywhere so it’s been tearing apart. I kind of throw it around a lot, but I don’t really care too much because I kind of like when books are a little bit worn out. I just finished Chapter Three: A Reasonable Timeline. This is the chapter where you create your timeline of when you want to have this goal accomplished, steps you need to take, and all of that stuff. I finished my timeline and moved on to the next chapter after that Which is Chapter Four: Buy a Journal. I was on this chapter for the longest time because I was procrastinating for one, but other than that I couldn’t find the perfect journal! I wasn’t even looking because I had a feeling that i would never find the perfect journal to match this goal and I was just waiting for the perfect one to appear which you probably shouldn’t do. But in this case, I’m gladI waited because i did find the perfect journal for me and i’ll show you it right now!

If you guys didn’t already know, my goal is to travel all around Asia and that’s the goal that I’m working on in this book. The chapter that I was on asks you to buy a high quality journal. one that makes you excited one that you want to carry carry everywhere and one that motivates you to dive into your goals one that makes you want to take yourself seriously so it was really intimidating trying to match all those requirements and honestly i don’t i don’t recommend trying to be too serious with it but i want when you guys work on this book i want you to really really really get something that you want to look at every day so that’s why i put that little category it was intimidating though reading all this and trying to find that perfect journal so i just kept waiting and um yep just waiting and waiting so it came there came a day where i was at barnes and noble barnes and noble and i was going through like the little art section and i came across a bunch of artists and they had journals with their art on it so this one specifically was the perfect match like i said my goal was to travel to asia is to travel to asia and i couldn’t be any more happier i thought this was the perfect journal it came with a three pack and this was the best fit like 100 i was so excited to find that and then it matches the size too so i can carry both of these booklets uh with me everywhere so i was so happy to have that and then i started writing in the journal as you can see already i got excited um because that’s what i was waiting for i was waiting to find that perfect journal i was motivated of course but that was having me stumped so there’s something specific that i want to go over in this video and it is chapter chapter five yeah no chapter four it is in chapter four so once you get to chapter four and you buy that perfect journal and you move forward it’s gonna tell you things that you can personally write in your journal and i wanted to go over – i wanted to go over specifically this little category and it’s called “achievements” and i’m just going to read it off to you so it says pat yourself on the back what you what have you done today to get closer to your goal big or small write it down for your first achievement you can write that you’re proud of yourself for going out of your way to buy that journal allowing you to move forward with this goal note down what you get in the result of your efforts instead of manipulating them right you’re required precisely another chapter explains the importance of this in further detail but for now just keep in mind that acknowledging your accomplishments matters so specifically i wanted to go over that section because i think that we forget to do that we forget to pay attention to what we’re accomplishing every single day in order to get to those goals and um yeah it kind of sets us back because we don’t think we’re doing too much and i think that’s very important i want to also read this that today i did some research on where i would like to stay when in bali i i also developed a plan to get my hair done there and looked into which monthly stays i might want to move forward with and then it just says some places that i would want to stay at but this specifically is important because i was feeling unmotivated and really sad really discouraged because i felt like i couldn’t get anything done and i felt like i wasn’t making any progress but writing my achievements down in the goals journal it made me think that we are doing stuff every day to get more in touch with our goals and we don’t often realize it because we’re not taking note of it we’re only documenting the big accomplishments and sometimes not even that uh so that’s what i’m gonna be working on today too i’m gonna be noting all of my achievements that led me to how close i am to reaching my goal because before it was just an idea so one of the accomplishments i i put in here somewhere that you can let me see i put somewhere that you you’re for your first accomplishment you can write down that you’re proud of yourself for buying this book and then the journal itself because that’s you taking that step to getting closer so just be proud of yourself for whatever you do to get closer to your goals i know it’s hard to kind of see that progress but seeing it really really really does help um with motivation so if you ever want to be motivated into doing anything just make note that you have progressed so much and you’re gonna every little step is uh significant so um yeah that’s what i wanted to go over with that um i’m i just finished that chapter so the next chapter i am on oh the next chopper chapter i was on was vision and i kind of skimmed through it and i was doing it on a day that i was kind of burnt out which that’s probably not good but no it’s definitely not good so i’m gonna quickly go over the actually not quickly i’m gonna go over this chapter in more detail and then i’m gonna move on to the next one but this chapter is called vision and i’m really really excited to go in more detail with my vision because like i said when i was working on this chapter i felt burnt out and i don’t think i was reaching my fullest potential when i was working on this chapter the first time so i’m gonna go over vision and then after that is invest into your goal and i’m so excited for this chapter because um i can finally start saving money for the equipment for everything i need the plane ticket the passport yeah i’m so close to finishing the book and i’m so close to reaching the actual goal it’s crazy because when i started uh this book it was just an idea that i wanted to travel to um either africa europe france italy all of them but i mentioned japan thailand and indonesia too and that’s what kind of set my vision and then it became asia travel so i went over the book again um in specifics of it being asia and then i added all this random stuff later ah it’s not focusing but yeah i’m glad i’m getting closer and the vision is getting more clear and yep i couldn’t be any more close without this book and i’m not just saying that because i want you to buy it or anything but i’m saying it because um it is very important to have a little blueprint and uh actual um an actual plan to get there and a direction so this book if you guys do want to check it out it is perfect to uh get into that direction of reaching your goal and giving yourself a little path so it’s not going to make you reach your goal but it’s going to give you those tools in order to do so and that motivation and that direction that you’ll be needing so there it is i’m so happy and then there’s the gold journal i’ve been let’s see this is like what i plan on doing this month other stuff i can do this month before let’s see some photography that i want to work with when i’m there places that i want to go i have my oh where is it i have my

my videos that i want to make while i’m there and if you have any other recommendations you can definitely let me know but i want to do home tour grocery shopping in japan um beach footage rainforest footage a shopping and haul video so it’s gonna be exciting it’s gonna be really exciting to share those with you guys but also i have all of my days planned out and like i said guys i was not this close before I started reading the book that i’m that i have so all my days are planned out and then i have my little vision and everything so i’m i’m excited right after i turn off this video that i’m making i’m gonna be working on it and i’m so happy so thank you guys for watching and if you do want to check out the book like i said you can definitely it’s on amazon it’s uh it’s for kindle but i definitely recommend doing the hard copy because you can’t really write in the kindle one and uh writing really does get you close i like closer than anything i feel like writing is a very powerful thing because you’re literally speaking it into existence so yep that’s the book i will put it in the description so you guys can check it out if you want but yeah you guys have a great day and thanks for watching thanks for being interested and staying updated have a great day

Published by Travel With Virona

Hi! I'm Virona. I am very inspired by travel and in love with the planet we live on. My dream in life is to roam around the world. While doing so, I hope to inspire others to not only explore the world, but to live the lives they've always wanted. I just published my first book "Achieve Any Goal That You Desire" as a tool for motivated people who are ready to live the life they want. This book has enabled me to plan my newest adventure to Asia. Stay tuned to see my explorations!

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