We made it to 200 followers! Thank you all!

We did it! Travel With Virona has hit 200 followers! That’s two hundred people incredibly dedicated to travel and exploration. I wish I could personally thank you all. I just want to let you know that you’re in for an amazing journey ahead as Virona has huge plans for the very near future.

For the new followers,

I am so excited to meet you and get to know you on a deeper level! I’m growing every day in very exciting ways, so there will never be a dull moment for you on Travel With Virona. You can expect to learn about various destinations, cultures, travel tips, and be entertained by my art and inspired by my persistence.

Here’s a little bit about me. You can call me Virona if you’d like. I’m a very motivated and enthusiastic person who goes after exactly what I want in life. I’m aiming for world travel while inspiring everyone I encounter and guide them to a path to growth and fulfillment. I am a photographer and abstract artist, and I recently published a book about achieving any goal that you desire. My weakness is anything jungle related! I hope that one day very soon I will be living amongst wildlife and plants.

For the originals,

First and foremost, Thank you for sticking with me through the beginning! I’m incredibly grateful to have people so interested in me personally and what I’m up to. I am so interested in learning about you as well. I am looking forward to giving you great change to the website. I will be providing quality content to inspire and motivate you, as you have inspired and motivated me. From here on out, I vow to give you tips, studies for future destinations, beautiful, captivating content to help bring you peace and inspiration.

What I’m reading:

The Solo Travel Handbook – One of my personal favorite reads. This book gave me some of the best tips and motivation on traveling by yourself. There are a bunch of app and website recommendations for your journey!

Published by Travel With Virona

Hi! I'm Virona. I am very inspired by travel and in love with the planet we live on. My dream in life is to roam around the world. While doing so, I hope to inspire others to not only explore the world, but to live the lives they've always wanted. I just published my first book "Achieve Any Goal That You Desire" as a tool for motivated people who are ready to live the life they want. This book has enabled me to plan my newest adventure to Asia. Stay tuned to see my explorations!

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