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El Nido is of the most astonishing and unspoiled destinations in the world. It is popular for it’s exception scenic beauty filled with beaches, greenery and so much more.

Let’s take a quick look at a few most popular things to do in El Nido.

Interestingly, we mostly expect such exquisite places to be equally overcrowded because of the scenic beauty but you would be surprised to know that El Nido is vacant as it is quite difficult to reach there. There is just so much to do in the beautiful island.


Kayaking in El Nido is a jaw dropping experience. The three most popular spots for kayaking include Small Lagoon, Big Lagoon and Miniloc Island. Tour agencies may offer maps but you can always hire a guide.


If you are unfamiliar with kayaking, you can hire a boat to take a tour of the Big Lagoon. The green water makes the Lagoon magical as you can see fish and sea urchins gliding through the clear water.

The small Lagoon begins with 2 Big rocks and you can access it through kayaking or boat. The water here is warm and perfect for a quick dip.


The Nacpan and Capitan beach lie in the North of El Nido. The beautiful golden sand and blue waves of the Nacpan beach create the most wanted combination. As compared to this, the Calitang Beach is much smaller. You can get to a view point for a panoramic view of the beautiful island.


If you want to stroll around the islands, this trodden path is just something you are looking for. The whole journey all the way up to the waterfall is a mesmerizing experience. The vertical stream eventually becomes a shallow pool in which you can soak for a while before heading back.

Las Cabanas Beach

A typical Philippines beach should have clear water, tall palm trees lining up on the beach and sand as white as snow. If this is what brought you to El Nido, Las cabanas is a must visit. The sunset here is immaculate. While you are here, you can enjoy the beach with the zip line tour.

El Nido Party Boat

El Nido party boat is just perfect for rave lovers. You can enjoy in this 2 story vessel and spend quality time with people from around the world. The boat picks you up at 11 am and comes back right before sunset.

Island hopping El Nido Tours

To ensure that you don’t miss out on anything beautiful on the Island, go for a Island hopping tour. You can choose a couple of tours to explore the area.

There are plenty of places that offer each tour. During my experience in Palawan, I booked the “B” island hopping tour with with El Nido Paradise Tours.

Tour A may include: Small lagoon, Big Lagoon, Secret Lagoon, Shimizu Island and 7 Commando beach

Tour B may include: Snake Island, Pinagbuyutan Island, Entalula Beach, Cudugnon Cave and Snorkeling Site

Tour C may include: Helicopter Island, Matinloc Shrine, Secret Beach, Talisay Beach and Hidden Beach

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  1. This was so helpful ! I am going to the Philippines soon !! Cant wait to add these in my itinerary!


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