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Transportation in Bali

Bali has been on the top of best tourist destinations list because of its incredible beaches, green surroundings, coral reefs and iconic volcanic mountains. It is a tourist friendly destination and offers numerous transportation options so you don’t have to rely on a single mode of communication to go around the place. Bali has a huge tourist industry so we have endless number of possibilities for short and long distance travel. You can go for public Bemo bus, taxi rental packages including car, motor bike or even bicycle.

Here are some of the most reliable and easily available transportation options in Bali. 



A taxi ride in Bali is similar to anywhere else around the world. It picks you up from your stop and drops you anywhere you are headed to. However, unfortunately you may find some dishonest taxi drivers who will take you the long way around or claim to have a broken meter and charge you extra. If you are travelling in Ubud and South Nali, a taxi is the fastest way to get around and it is easily available as well. ‘Grab’ and “GoJek” are both alternatives for “Uber” in Asia, but keep in mind that a lot of places don’t allow these drivers in the area.

I was surprised to see how easy it is to get around. If you’re ever in need of a ride, there is almost always someone who will be of service for you on the streets. Although I would not recommend to go with the taxi drivers on the streets, if you absolutely need a ride, they come in handy. Make sure you are prepared to bargain because if not, they will overcharge you.

My tip: have a set price in mind. If they can accommodate, perfect. If not, walk and find someone who will take that price. Also, have your GoJek/Grab app ready to tell them that if they cannot accommodate to your price, you will find a cheaper ride with GoJek/Grab.

Often times I would need to get somewhere and the taxi driver would set the price extremely high. I would then pull out my phone and explain that GoJek is incredibly cheap compared to their price and show them the proof. Often times, they then will be willing to accommodate.

Car rental 

If you have a considerable budget, you can also hire a car with driver or even go for the option to drive it by yourself.  However, don’t go for this option if you cannot drive a right-hand-drive car because you will find dangerous and chaotic traffic in Bali where many people break the traffic rules. If you are not sure, let the driver take you wherever you want to go. 

Average daily rates of a car rental a dollar 20 per day; not including the fuel. Even though it is an expensive mode of transfer, it allows you to explore the beauty of Bali in your own way.

 Scooter rentals 

Scooter rentals are another cheap option to get around different exotic destinations of Bali. There are countless places to rent them in Bali. The daily rate ranges from $4 to $10 depending upon the condition of the scooter. Just keep in mind that this not include the gas. Scooter rentals are a great way to avoid heavy traffic and make it to your destination timely. We don’t recommend to rent a motorbike if you are not a very good rider or don’t have a travel insurance. Remember, one thing really common here is tourist accidents. Make sure to really know what you’re doing instead of potentially putting yourself and others in danger.


 Bicycle rentals 

Bicycle rentals are rather a Fairy-tale way to explore the picturesque views of some of the world’s most beautiful beaches.  They are also one of the cheapest ways of conveyance as it only costs about $2 to rent a bike for a day.  However, avoid renting a bicycle if it is a rainy day as it would add to your problems and uneasiness. 

Shuttle buses 

Bali does not have a very well developed bus travel but you can still find a few good options of you want to travel via bus. Most buses in Bali belong to tourism companies in which only tourist groups can travel. 

You may opt for Kura-Kura bus shuttle which will take you around different destinations such as Ubud, Kuta and Seminyak. One of the most established travel options in Bali is Peramashuttle offering bus and ferry services from Kuta to Ubud and Nusa Penida and back across the strait.

You can get a bus pass at an indomaret for the cheapest transportation for long distance rides.


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