Phi Phi Island is a small Paradise in Thailand offering idyllic seascape with beautiful golden sand and aqua water.   It is one of Thailand’s biggest tourist attraction and an amazing destination for regular beach goers.  People travel from around the world to enjoy the amazing scenery and drilling activities on the island. The only way to access the Phi Phi Island is through a boat. You can take a ferry or a speed boat from Phuket. Ferries usually take 2 hours to reach the island. If you take a boat from Krabi, you will reach the island in no more than 90 minutes.

Let’s take a quick look at things to do on the Phi Phi Island.

Phi Phi National Park

Phi Phi le national Park became immensely popular through the filming of movie; the beach.  Since there is no accommodation in the national park, it is peaceful and offers serene natural beauty.  Ferries offer visit to the national park all-round the day. Maya Bay is one of the most famous an unmissable spot in the national park. 

Visit Yat Hao

Snorkelling in Yat Hao is a top tier activity in the Phi Phi Island.  The warm temperature of the crystal clear water is perfect for exploring the exquisite marine life.  If you are lucky enough you may be able to spot clown fish and black tipped shark.

Visit the Viking Caves

 The most popular and Majestic Viking caves of the Phi Phi lie on the North Eastern end of the Island.  Once you are in there you can see the images of long boards inscribed on the walls along with colorful chalking.  It seems to be the work of pirates who lived 1000 years ago.

Ao Pileh Bay

This secluded piece of island offers amazing coral reefs, limestone cliffs and beautiful plant life. Tourists can spend hours enjoying the warm gauzy sea.

The Mosquito Island

As the name depicts, the island has a huge amount of pesky blood suckers.  Buy a good bug spray because the island is totally unmissable.  It has one of the most popular shipwrecks of the region including the King cruiser wreck. There are numerous diving spots on the island for those who love swimming.

Bida Island

Bida Island is a collection of several small yet beautiful islands with a variety of coral reefs. It has a variety of spots for newbie and professional divers so make sure to have a few hours at the island to enjoy to your fullest.


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