Being Respectful in Thailand

Thailand is a great country to explore for many reasons. It can be done on a budget, it has places that are very tourist friendly and safe, and it is also a lot of people’s first chance in life to see an entirely new culture. It can be helpful to review the etiquette rules ofContinue reading “Being Respectful in Thailand”

Free Things To Do In Phuket

Phuket is one of the most popular destinations in Thailand that attracts millions of people from around the World every year. However, traveling to numerous places at once can be expensive. Still, thanks to this beautiful beach Paradise, you can easily enjoy your trip under a budget by visiting some free and fun places inContinue reading “Free Things To Do In Phuket”


ALL ABOUT KOH PHI PHI (Koh Pee Pee) Phi Phi Island is a small Paradise in Thailand offering idyllic seascape with beautiful golden sand and aqua water.   It is one of Thailand’s biggest tourist attraction and an amazing destination for regular beach goers.  People travel from around the world to enjoy the amazing sceneryContinue reading “ALL ABOUT KOH PHI PHI IN THAILAND”


Thailand is a beach paradise. The cultural integrity of the nation and astounding scenic beauty of the country attracts millions of tourists. You can enjoy the pristine beaches, dense lush jungles, coral reefs and ancient temples, which makes Thailand a great vacation option. Getting around the country is easy as there are numerous transportation options.Continue reading “TRANSPORTATION IN THAILAND”

Workspace of the Day in Bangkok

Iced chocolate drink and a banana coffee slice of cake. On my workdays here in Bangkok, I usually visit this café with a beautiful view of the river. I’ll grab a drink and brainstorm some good worksheets for my Etsy Digital Downloads. The latest project that I’ve been working on is a manifestation booklet. ThisContinue reading “Workspace of the Day in Bangkok”

Nusa Dua Diving with Taman Sari Diving and Water-sports in Bali 🇮🇩

Meet Charlos Antonio (Anthony) And Jacko, the two people I toured with! I booked this tour with Charlos Antonio Johannes (Whatsapp +62 813-7001-3602) He is one of the coolest and kindest people I’ve met here in Bali! We ran into each other on the beach. He introduced himself as a diving instructor who lives inContinue reading “Nusa Dua Diving with Taman Sari Diving and Water-sports in Bali 🇮🇩”


Thailand is known for its striking beaches and Koh Samui is the highlight. It is known for its stunning Palm trees and crystal clear water. Interestingly it offers a great vacation for all types of Travellers including the backpack travellers and rich celebrities. Getting to Koh Samui is easy as you can reach it byContinue reading “ALL ABOUT KOH SAMUI”