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52 Day Blog Challenge! | Day 9: My Biggest Pet Peeve

I think that my number one biggest pet peeve is when people lie to me! I’m a pretty understanding and open minded person. Another one is when people doubt me! This has a lot to do with how I feel about myself, because I doubt myself very often too even when I know that I’mContinue reading “52 Day Blog Challenge! | Day 9: My Biggest Pet Peeve”

52 Day Blog Challenge! | Day 3: Meet My Family

Day 3: Meet My Family. JORDAN My blood brother. The oldest of my siblings. We had many disagreements growing up. We had typical brother and sister fights when we were young, but as we got older, we look back and laugh. We realized the importance of our relationship and now value our bond. I admireContinue reading “52 Day Blog Challenge! | Day 3: Meet My Family”

52 Day Blog Challenge! | Day 2: My Favorite Things

Day 2: My Favorite Things. I have so many things that I enjoy so I’ll try to kinda keep the topics short and simple, but I’m just going to list each thing down and write a little summary as to why! RAIN Rain was the absolute first thing to come to mind when I wasContinue reading “52 Day Blog Challenge! | Day 2: My Favorite Things”

52 Day Blog Challenge | Megan Virona

Hey guys! Since I’m becoming more active with my blog, I figured that the best way to kind of open up about myself would be to do a blog challenge. I found one that is pretty simple and I like the questions on it, so I’m going to be using it for some personal posts.Continue reading “52 Day Blog Challenge | Megan Virona”