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A Special Announcement

Hi everyone! I know, it has been a long while since my last post. I’ve been incredibly busy changing my entire life around. I have a special announcement regarding one of those changes that I would love to share with you all. You guys have been incredibly supportive of me and I’ve seem to gainContinue reading “A Special Announcement”

52 Day Blog Challenge | Day 10: Oh, To Win A Million Dollars

Day 10: Oh, To Win A Million Dollars… What would I do with a million dollars? Here is a list of some things that I would invest in after receiving that money. SUPPORT FAMILY AND FRIENDS Everyone who has ever supported me and my dreams, I want to be there to support theirs. I wantContinue reading “52 Day Blog Challenge | Day 10: Oh, To Win A Million Dollars”


An ultimate dream for many is to explore, relax, and be free without the stress of an alarm clock or uniform. In this day and age there are endless opportunities to make money on the go. It’s all about figuring out what exactly you want to do. I’m excited to make money while I’m traveling,Continue reading “WAYS TO MAKE MONEY WHILE TRAVELING”


Hey guys just a quick alert that I have released a new product on my Etsy Shop, ShopVirona. I sell templates that are primarily travel themed. Most of the products that I designed here involve self development and personal growth. This specific template that I have designed is called the Life Goal Printout Packet. InContinue reading “LIFE GOAL PRINTOUT PACKET”


ETSY SHOP – DIGITAL DOWNLOADS FOR SUCCESS PRACTICE GRATITUDE WORKSHEET 7 PAGE LIFE GOAL PRINTOUT PACKET MANTRA CARDS FOR FINANCIAL SUCCESS BECOME A PATREON PATREON – Being a Patreon Subscriber allows you to receive one to two images mailed to your home each month along with a personal note from Virona. In each package, youContinue reading “SHOP”