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ALL ABOUT KOH PHI PHI (Koh Pee Pee) Phi Phi Island is a small Paradise in Thailand offering idyllic seascape with beautiful golden sand and aqua water.   It is one of Thailand’s biggest tourist attraction and an amazing destination for regular beach goers.  People travel from around the world to enjoy the amazing sceneryContinue reading “ALL ABOUT KOH PHI PHI IN THAILAND”


Thailand is a beach paradise. The cultural integrity of the nation and astounding scenic beauty of the country attracts millions of tourists. You can enjoy the pristine beaches, dense lush jungles, coral reefs and ancient temples, which makes Thailand a great vacation option. Getting around the country is easy as there are numerous transportation options.Continue reading “TRANSPORTATION IN THAILAND”


ALL ABOUT PHUKET Phuket is one of the largest areas in Thailand covering over 540 km2 of area. It is located on the West coast of Thailand and is home to millions of Thai and Chinese people. It is estimated that there are about 35000 tourists at a time in Phuket making it a busyContinue reading “ALL ABOUT PHUKET”


Best Street Foods In Thailand

Feeling nervous and apprehensive about trying new street food in a new country is normal. Thailand hosts millions of people from around the world who come from different backgrounds and tastes. Thailand offers a wide variety of delicious street food on carts and snack bars. The food is tasty and economical especially for backpacking travelers.Continue reading “Best Street Foods In Thailand”

Why you Should Travel Solo and How to be Fearless (and Safe) on Your Trip

If if this is your first time (or tenth time) traveling alone, you may be anxious. Maybe solo travel has always been a goal of yours. Or maybe there’s a specific reason you want to try it out. We’re going to practice getting you comfortable enough to be all on your own. Traveling alone isContinue reading “Why you Should Travel Solo and How to be Fearless (and Safe) on Your Trip”

52 Day Blog Challenge! | Day 4: Top Places I’d Like To Visit

Woo! A post related to travel! I’m always up for that! I was going to make this post anyway, It’s a great addition to the 52 Day Blog Challenge! DAY 4: Top Places I’d Like To Visit ASIA Asia has always been number one from the beginning of time. (Lol) Not only the tropical, green,Continue reading “52 Day Blog Challenge! | Day 4: Top Places I’d Like To Visit”