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An ultimate dream for many is to explore, relax, and be free without the stress of an alarm clock or uniform. In this day and age there are endless opportunities to make money on the go. It’s all about figuring out what exactly you want to do. I’m excited to make money while I’m traveling, and I’ve been working on this goal every single day in order for that dream to work out. I’m even more excited to share with you this little list of things that I have found most successful in making money while away so you can achieve that .


If you are an expert – or even a little more experienced in something others may not know about, this might be one of the best sources of income you can generate while traveling. I currently sell one course “How To Get Comfortable Talking in front of a Camera“, and I have several more ideas on courses that I want to put out in the near future. Dedicate a month or two getting it all set up and ready to go for when you’re on the road. You can also prepare your scripts so that when you do arrive to your destination, you can record while away. Personally, I want to create beautiful visuals that appeal my students, making them excited to get up and learn. I think this is one of the most exciting ways to make money on the road with your ability to teach and inspire growth. The website I use for my course is Fiverr and it’s free to post your services.


traveling the world as a digital nomad, work from home by making digital downloads. use canva and etsy to upload digital downloads

You may like the idea of running your own business, but on the road it can get tricky having inventory that you are unable to access while away. Have no fear! Digital downloads are products that you can sell in a digital form. An example of a digital download would be a photography image by you that they can printout from their own home. The possibilities for digital downloads are endless. By using Canva, you can create worksheets, screensavers/backgrounds, digital art, checklists, calendars, and – well, pretty much anything. I personally prefer Etsy to sell my digital downloads as its the first place many (including myself) go to buy them. If you dedicate enough time and effort into your shop, it may become a great success enabling you to support yourself on your journey.


Selling your book through Amazon KDP is a great source of income, and it’s also really fun! I would describe this method as the “Online Class/Courses” and “Digital Downloads” methods combined. Creating your own book allows you to get your message out there while sitting back and letting the customers roll in. I have created a book called “Achieve Any Goal That You Desire” and it has been a really exciting experience, and surprisingly easy.

achieve any goal that you desire workbook by megan virona. reach your goals by writing and manifesting your dreams in life


If you have a talent for photography and or videography, you could put your talent to use by creating content. I currently make about $200 a month for creating Instagram Reels, a few bucks on TikTok, and many other social media sites are starting to hop onto video funding as well. What a great time to be a content creator! You can also put in a little more effort to reach out to hotels/Airbnb’s, restaurants, or other companies that need some photos taken for your desired price. One of my favorite books, “The Six Figure Freelancer” talks about ways to get serious with your freelancing career. I would highly recommend this book to anyone!


Every now and then I’ll receive a couple dollars from Amazon Affiliate marketing. If you dedicate more time and effort into this than I do, I’m sure you could generate a good amount of money if you hook up some links to product recommendations. This is a great choice if you’re a content creator or blogger. I usually get money from my lovely readers clicking the links I attach to the posts. You can also do this with a podcast show if you have one.


Now more than ever, there are companies everywhere searching for people to influence their products. You get free things to try out along with paid promotion? Sounds like a dream! When you’re pitching yourself to a company, make sure to set your rates to what you think you deserve. There will always be a yes amongst the many no’s. It’s worth it to try, especially if it’s supporting a beautiful trip.


Published by Travel With Virona

Hi! I'm Virona. I am very inspired by travel and in love with the planet we live on. My dream in life is to roam around the world. While doing so, I hope to inspire others to not only explore the world, but to live the lives they've always wanted. I just published my first book "Achieve Any Goal That You Desire" as a tool for motivated people who are ready to live the life they want. This book has enabled me to plan my newest adventure to Asia. Stay tuned to see my explorations!


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