If you know me, you know that my dream is to travel the world and make income from doing so. There are endless opportunities to make money in this day and age! It’s all about figuring out what exactly you want to do. I’m excited to make money while I’m traveling, and I’ve been working on this goal every single day in order for that dream to work out. Here’s a little list of ways I plan on making money while I’m exploring the world.


I think that one of my primarily sources of income will be creating a course or class for my friends and following to join. I have several ideas on courses that I want to put out, because there’s so much information I want to share! I’ll dedicate months and months into creating this course, advertising it, then hopefully I’ll have it all set up and ready to go. I want to create beautiful visuals that appeal my students, making them excited to get up and learn. I want to help people improve their lives drastically.


I love the idea of creating worksheets or self improvement projects for people. I want to create Ebooks. I want to create templates available to purchase and print out. For example, I’ll create a template or guide on budgeting and saving money. If they purchase, download, and print this worksheet, it gives them an opportunity to grow. I love that idea! Aside from worksheets, I’d like to create lock screen backgrounds, wallpapers, and a lot of digital art using my own photography. Right now, I have a 2020 Wallpaper Background for your phone, for sale on my Etsy. It’s a picture that I’ve taken in Hawaii, and customizable to your specific goals. It pretty much keeps you in check with your goals. I’ve had this background since January and I still use it as reference when trying to reach my goals. I hope to create a lot more like that in the future!


I really hope to get good enough with my photography and videography to where hotels, Airbnb’s, restaurants, etc will be open to the idea of hiring me to create beautiful imagery for their company. I love photography. I love recording and capturing a beautiful moment! Maybe one day that passion will make me something.


I’m hoping to make some sort of income from my website! I’ll link Amazon products every so often. I will get money from my lovely readers clicking the links I attach to the posts. You’ll probably start seeing it more frequently in the future! Not only will I gain income from Affiliate Marketing, but running Ads and Sponsorships on my Self Development Podcast.


As of right now, I’m not really into this, just because I’m focusing more on quality content. I haven’t really gotten any brands that actually want to pay me for my hard work. It’s usually just free offers. Don’t get me wrong, I love influencing! It really is hard work though. I’d totally be down to in the future! (That’s why its on this list!) I tell people this all the time- At the end of the day, free sunglasses won’t pay my bills. If a legitimate company ever comes my way with a good paid sponsorship that matches my niche, I’d love to do that to support my travels.


This comes in last place because I hate the idea of donations! They are genuinely appreciated though. I don’t exactly rely on this to “make me income” when I’m away, but donations help keep things up and running for me if that makes sense. I currently have a Patreon account, where I provide love letters, postcards from my travels, and photography sent to your house. Being able to provide something to people who believe in me and support me makes me feel a lot better. It also makes us feel like we’re traveling the world together!

Published by Virona

My name is Megan Virona! I am very inspired by travel and in love with the planet we live on. My dream in life is to always be on the road while making money from it. I hope to inspire others to not only travel the world, but living the lives they've always dreamt. I currently host a podcast show called Self Development With Virona for anyone who is interested in improving their everyday life and start living their dreams! Hopefully my journey can lead to others being inspired to do what they really want in life.

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